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The Mirabilia Lyon2022 selection

Welcome to the exhibitors for the 1st biennial exhibition 2022 in Lyon

Exhibitors of the 1st biennial

Exhibition hubs

The great complexity of the materials shows works made of various materials, such as ceramics, glass, textiles, photography, basketry, wood, straw marquetry, artist's jewellery and design

These high quality creations will be shown in Lyon in all their diversity and vitality.

Resolutely Lyonnaise, Mirabilia Lyon, a new artistic scene, brings together the arts and crafts and the decorative arts for a long weekend.

List of selected artists

Abadie A. Sauques S. Ausseresse Jonathan Baillon Elisabeth Beaumont Théo Bécourt Virginie Bernède Gaëtan Briandet Kanaé Chiotasso Carole Como Claude Daux Jean-Michel De Mortain Frédérique Desbons Nicolas Domenet Fabrice /galerie l'Angle Ferdinande Alexandra Filliatreau Christiane / Galerie 22 Forest Michèle ​Frescaline Juliette Gicquel Mathieu Gueta Tzuri Guinberteau David Langenstein Bernard / galerie l'Angle Le Goff Jean-Marie Lebrun Valérie Legembre Valérie / galerie Vrais Rêves Maeda Eri Mansot David Marika M. Mulatier Frédéric Pagliarino Elia Paubel Jean Marc Pernot Jean-Philippe / galerie 22 Picaud Fabienne Pouget Sandy Raes Joke Rault Antoine Reverchon Bénédicte / galerie Vrais Rêves Saillet Erick Seilern Isabelle Servanton Loeb Anne Tricotelle Flore Vallet Bénédicte Van Aart Rieja Von Sydow Christian / galerie 22


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