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Carré Fourvière Lyon

The Mirabilia Lyon show aims to demonstrate the enduring relevance of visual art, which is firmly rooted in know-how and sensitive materiality. The timelessness and universality of this visual art are born of the "intelligence of the hand" as much as that of the heart and mind, and grace emanates from this very embodiment.

This art, in the fullest sense of the term, is rooted in a "craftmanship", in other words, in the very tangible reality of a feeling, an experience and a long apprenticeship. It has great redeeming qualities in an age of visual saturation by streams of ephemeral images void of content...

In an age of increasingly unbridled dematerialisation, conceptualisation and virtualisation of life and thought. Mirabilia Lyon is a manifesto for art's salvific reunion with our forgotten reality.
The forty or so artists working in ceramics, glass, wood, unique jewellery, basketry, textiles, metal, cutlery, leather goods and marquetry are the "signatories" of this manifesto, and are committed to this sublimation of materials. This 2nd Biennial will be held at the Carré Fourvière in Lyon's 9th arrondissement.



The 2nd Mirabilia Lyon biennial will take place at the Carré Fourvière, Lyon5. A major tourist and historical site in Lyon.

In France, there are
more than 250 trades
of art, grouped into
business areas

• The city is now identified as one of the most involved in culture of European cities

Lyons is the third biggest city in France.

• The population of the Greater Lyons exceeds 2million people.


• The Auvergne-Rhône Alpes Region is the second richest region in the country.


• A large number of art-lovers ,art collectors ,galleries, famous museums and thriving industries contribute to the economic dynamics of the region.


• Bringing together various forms of artistic expressions, Mirabilia Lyon will show the work of about fifty artists and hopes to attract and welcome the well-informed local or regional art-lovers as well as the uninitated general public and tourists visiting the city.


• Close to Italy and Switzerland, Lyons is internationally known for its Festival of Lights ant the SIRHA :an international and national gastronomy fair, the Nights of Fourvière, a great music and theatre summer festival in the Roman amphitheatres and the Lumière Film Festival, second French film festival.

Carte Carré Fourvière Lyon 5
Mirabilia Lyon



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