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Jean-Simon Dupezas, confiturier, Paris, 1793-1794 Argent ciselé et ajouré ©Lyon, musée des

Jean-Simon Dupezas, jam maker, Paris, 1793-1794

Chiseled and openwork silver

H. 23.2; L. 20.5 in cm

MAD 954. Bequest Amédée Gonin, 1927

© Lyon, Museum of Fabrics and Decorative Arts - Sylvain Pretto


4 creations in bronze designed by 5 students in art foundry

High School

Hector Guimard In Lyon

a project implemented in partnership with the 

Textile Art Museum and Decorative Arts of Lyon

At the Mirabilia Lyon Biennial, five students from the Lycée Hector Guimard's Fonderie d'Art course will be showcasing their creations, inspired by the collections of the Musée des Tissus et des Arts décoratifs.

"Bijou Jewellery Box" box necklace

"Story of thread" sewing box

Raphaëlle PIOT
Candy box "Greediness"

"FLower" solar oven

These creations are more than just objects. They embody our heritage.
They reflect the expertise of our artists, who can transform materials into works of art with their fingertips.

Project supervised by:

Isabelle Bombrun Vigouroux

> Professeur d'arts appliqués et organisateur.

Julien Redolfi

> Enseignant en fonderie

Jean-Marc Leplat

> Professeur de fonderie

Musée des tissus Lyon

Textile Art Museum and Decorative Arts of Lyon

Created in 1864 and the first of its kind in France, the museum was born out of a desire to promote and encourage industry.

For 160 years, its vocation has been to form taste and to be a source of inspiration for the renewal of industrial and contemporary creation, and it has collected the finest examples of craftsmanship from all over the world: fabrics, ceramics, glassware, goldsmiths' and silversmiths' work, marquetry, etc.

Today, the museum boasts the most exceptional textile collection in the world, covering 4,500 years of history, from Antiquity to the present day, and the second-largest collection of decorative arts in France.

Threatened with closure, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region has invested with determination in the project to bring it back to life. While it is being renovated, the museum continues to share the treasures of its collections, reinventing itself through a wide range of cultural projects.

Leaf Pattern Design

Textile Art Museum and Decorative Arts of Lyon,

supporting partner of the event

Aziza Gril-Mariotte

> General Director of the Museum of Fabrics and Decorative Arts of Lyon

Cécile Demoncept

> Head of Cultural Service

Paulina Fuentès-Velenzuela

> Project manager

Audrey Vallecillo Cabrera

> Communications Officer

Charlotte Maday

> Exhibition manager

Romy Schäfer

> Responsible for the Photo Library

Sylvain Pretto

> Photographer

5 works of art from the museum's collections
inspire 4 students from the Lycée Hector Guimard

Zoomorphic container with bear-shaped lid, Asia

Bronze with brown patina

H. 10.5;  L. 14.5;  L. 16.5 in cm

SN 5981. Bequest of Madame Edouard Robert.

(c) Lyon, Museum of Fabrics and Decorative Arts - Pierre Verrier

Récipient zoomorphe avec couvercle en forme d'ours, Asie Bronze à patine brune©Lyon, musée
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